Thursday, April 7, 2011

What It Is

These are the stairs that Star (and Scotty and Casey) like to run down like maniacs.
These are the little legs that Star uses to run down those stairs like a maniac.
This is Star trying to figure out which step is responsible for hurting her shoulder, because after running down them like a maniac she is now limping.
This is my plea to anyone who has some advice on how I can stop them from running down the stairs like maniacs. There is nothing too basic or common sense. I welcome all tips. Thanks in advance!


  1. Make them do a "wait" at the top best maybe to start training them one at a time then have all 3 at the top in a "wait" once they have perfected it. Then do a recall once you are at the bottom of the stairs this way you can control them. If that doesn't help then put a lead on them they'll love that LOL! I did the "wait" "recall" with my two :) Good Luck! Hope Star is okay.

  2. Hope Star is doing better now - Ricky tears up and down stairs like a maniac too - sorry no help here! LOL!

  3. We have our stairs blocked so one can go up or down without permission. Not sure if that will work for you.