Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Clean Fun

All the pups were feeling good after the bath today, especially Scotty!
And while Scotty was having the most fun, Casey tried to play it cool when the camera came out.
Star also wasn't willing to allow me to capture how refreshed she felt after the bath.
 And after one pic, she refused to look at me again.
Casey thought she was being silly and decided to cheer me up by giving me another shot.
But I could continue to count on Scotty to keep up the enthusiasm.


  1. LOL. Gee I've had two shelties (Munchkin & Oreo) who liked 'furniture towels'. Wonder if Chewy will continue the trend.

  2. LOL! I know why do they do that LOL! My two had theirs on Friday bought these robe towels they are brilliant soaked the water :) Great pics :)

  3. Ricky totally loves furniture towels and that last photo of Scotty looks just like Ricky!

  4. Reminds me of people. I wouldnt want my picture taken either when my hair is wet. Lol

  5. They all look so fluffy now! I love those furniture towel pictures, so lovely! After bathing Eva, I usually give her a big towel so she won't use my furniture as her towel, LOL!

  6. Katie would be mortified to be seen in public wet, she wouldn't pose or allow photos either. Such a princess. Yours at least don't hold a grudge too long!

  7. I like how different dogs behave in different ways, it looks like Scotty had the most fun for sure. We are going to give Tess her first bath as soon as we can to get her used to them. You can of course use her picture or whatever on your blog, thank you for asking.