Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Challenge

I won’t bore you with the details when I can sum it up with facts: my dogs are overweight and I’m to blame. Simple. What isn’t is how I am going to get them to lose the weight. I live in the Midwest and anyone who lives in a place with similar seasons is shaking their head at the obvious. It's freeze-your-butt-off cold outside.

And let’s face it, the Midwest has only two seasons: too-damn-cold and too-damn-hot. So even in the Summer months I find myself sheltered inside away from the heat. So that is my excuse for why I have allowed my dogs to be overweight, when the cause of it is not enough exercise, for far too long.

But that is my challenge: to get them to lose weight despite not being able to walk them outside on a regular basis. And I’m going to share how I do it all with you.


  1. Such beautiful dogs. I wish I could enlarge the photos and get a better look.