Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Many Biscuits Does It Take?

Scotty isn’t crazy about dog biscuits. He will eat them, but only after he’s come to realize no better option is available. So it didn’t surprise me when I was handing them out and he didn’t take it. I set it on the floor in front of him, figuring, once I was done he’d give up his “better treat dream” and eat it.

Casey, on the other hand, doesn’t pass up anything. Another thing about him is he has a hamster mentality when it comes to food. He will stuff as much as he can in his mouth and go off and eat it at his own pace. So I guess it didn’t surprise me when, after he got his biscuit, he picked up Scotty’s and took both down the hall to eat in peace.

Scotty looked as sad as the kid who gets his candy stolen, how could I refuse him another? Apparently having his last biscuit stolen wasn’t enough to make him want to take the new offering from my hand, so I put it on the floor in front of him, again.

And again, Casey came out of nowhere and snatched it up. And again, Scotty looked to me.

I’ve caught on by now. This way wasn’t working. So I take one last biscuit out and call Scotty over to the couch. He jumped up and I put it in front of him. Casey came over and I held him back so he couldn’t get too close to the couch to steal it. Scotty looked down at the biscuit, licked it and it fell onto the floor in front of Casey!

I gave up.

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