Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Joy of One Pound Dropping

Anyone who has struggled to get their dog to lose weight can understand my excitement over Casey and Star losing one pound. Especially when I reveal no exercise was done in the three weeks since the first weigh-in.

So how did we accomplish losing the pound? Well it wasn’t a miracle. I’ve tried praying the pounds off, believe me, it doesn’t work. I credit the loss to a change in their dog food.

Scotty has some health issues, namely high cholesterol, which has him eating a low calorie dog food. I switched Casey and Star over to the same low calorie diet after talking to my vet. She agreed the change might benefit them and we were right.

I don’t except the dog food to continue to take the pounds off Casey and Star. And since it didn’t take anything off Scotty, an activity is needed. I’ll work on an idea and report back.

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