Monday, February 21, 2011

Caught In The Act

After reading a funny post on CowSpotDog about Bree's experience with getting different dog beds for Reilly, I started reminiscing about my own experience with introducing a couple new dog beds into our pack. Casey instantly fell in love.
Scotty and Star were a different story. Neither wanted to lay a paw on it. Scotty not liking the new bed really surprised me. He used to sleep on the old dog bed quite often. So I started feeling guilty about throwing out the old one, but it was so worn. I had even mended it to make it last as long as I could.

But then we discovered he was sneaking onto the bed and sleeping while I was busy doing something else. We caught him in the act!

(Sorry the pic isn’t too good, we only had a cell phone handy at the time)

Since the jig was up, Scotty saw no use in hiding his love for the new bed and has since been openly sleeping on it.


Star still prefers one of the older, less poofy dog bed.

But I feel like she's warming up to the new ones because, occasionally, she'll lay near it or use a side as a pillow.


Casey & Star
Please be sure to roll over and check out the post, “Dog Beds and It,” on CowSpotDog by clicking here. I really enjoyed it! 


  1. Your dogs are so funny. You totally are into their heads.

  2. Don't you love to see dogs on beds that are 3 sizes larger than them! I do! Your dogs all have such cute personalities. Star looks like she does not want her photograph taken when she's trying to get some rest :)

  3. Cute! Funny how Casey is not ashamed to love that big bed but Star and Scotty are more closet be lovers - LOL!

  4. Dogs seem to be very choosy when it comes to places to sleep. It seems like the only bed I can count on our dogs liking all the time is mine!

  5. They are way too clever at times :) She looks so comfy on it :)