Monday, March 14, 2011

A Cha-Cha Recovery

Casey's recovery took a step in the wrong direction on Friday and he was put back on his medication. His cough hasn't come back too bad, so he doesn't have to be on the steroid Star is currently taking. I had to wonder whether he was just sick of Star getting all the attention.

He was less than thrilled with my accusation and put on his best "feel sorry for me" expression.
Scotty also had to start back up on the medicine as his cough came back too. But he understands how these things happen.
He knows recovery can feel like the cha-cha (slow, slow, quick, quick, slow).


  1. Casey is very good at looking like a sad soul:) Poor,poor baby.

    Hope Casey and Scotty nip this bug soon.

  2. Awww so sorry there all feeling a bit under the weather again! Plenty TLC for them then :)

  3. So sorry to hear they are still not feeling well! Hope as the weather finally starts to improve, everyone gets better and can go out and enjoy it!