Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mental Health Day

Star suffered from a severe case of the grumpies this morning.

I blame it on the steroids in her medication, because it is easy for me to go there. Not that she is 100% sugar and spice when off the steroid. Although she doesn't necessarily have the mood swings she displaced this morning. Nor does she just go off and show her teeth at the boys for no reason.

Thankfully Casey, who has been her BFF since he was a pup, is understand and forgives her easily.

Good news - I was are able to drop Star down to one pill a day starting today. On Friday her regiment required her to have one pill twice a day until her cough subsided. And since she was cough free most of the weekend and all day Monday, I decided that qualified as a subsiding. So fingers crossed that she is on the mend too!


  1. Casey as a puppy with Star - so cute!! Glad Star is doing better and hope she gets off the meds altogether soon!

  2. Awww, sibling love :0

    Hope your whole gang can be taken off the meds soon. And Star, be nice!

  3. Sweet pictures of Star and Casey! Hope Star is getting soon!

  4. Star is allowed to be grumpy as she is feeling off colour :) Hope she is feeling better soon :)