Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky To Get A Pic

Yesterday I tried to get the dogs excited about St. Patty's day, but they weren't feeling the love for the Irish.
Casey, after seeing Mommys can look just as sad as puppys who don't get what they want, decided to give me a few good poses.

But his sympathy was gone by the third pic.
Scotty, not wanting to be outdone by his brother, decided to pose.
Star finally came around and decided to pose, but thought it would be cute to look like she drank too much green beer!


  1. Star, you are a silly goose!

    I bet all 3 would have been a little more enthusiastic if there were some Guiness in their water bowl.

  2. LOL! Mom can relate - I am a very reluctant picture poser too!

  3. I certainly understand how you all feel. I feel the same when my mom does silly things on me and she thinks those are cute!

  4. Ha ha - what great pics! Star makes me smile the wat he looks.

  5. Oh I'm so spoiled because Katie doesn't mind posing. For awhile anyway. Happy St Patty's...a lot late!

  6. The Scottish dogs can be Irish one day a year! ;)
    Love it!